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    • 13 Nov 2014
    • 4:00 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Ernst & Young Arnulfstraße 59 80636 München
    • 28

    FEM Chapter Germany

    Mobility Operational Excellence – Erfolgsfaktoren für effektives Mobility Management

    Die internationale Arbeitswelt wandelt sich schnell und stetig. Dies gilt auch für Prozesse und Aufgabenstellungen von Global Mobility. Das internationale Umfeld verlangt von den Verantwortlichen schnelle und effiziente Reaktionen und Lösungen. Operational Excellence ist hierbei ein zentrales Thema.

    Welchen operativen Herausforderungen muss sich HR Global Mobility stellen? Was müssen Sie beachten, um für zukünftige Anforderungen gerüstet zu sein? Welche Erfahrungen und aktuelle Trends gibt es aus Unternehmens- und Beratersicht? 

    Michael Gschwandtner und Melanie Feistauer, EY, stellen Ihnen Ergebnisse und Trends zum Thema Operational Effectiveness aus dem brandneuen EY Global Mobility Effectiveness Survey 2014 vor. Als ehemaliger Leiter Mobility eines Beratungsunternehmens, wird David Rooney, EY, Erfolgsfaktoren für effektives Mobility Performance Management mit Ihnen diskutieren.
    Anschließend wird das Thema durch einen Erfahrungsbericht von Michaela Brumme, Wacker Chemie AG abgerundet.


    Michael Gschwandtner, Partner und Melanie Feistauer, Senior Consultant EY Human Capital München
    Thema: Trends in Operational Effectiveness aus dem EY Global Mobility Effectiveness Survey 2014

    David Rooney, Executive Director EY Human Capital Frankfurt                                                        Thema: Mobility Performance Improvement

    Michaela Brumme, Director International Assignments Wacker Chemie AG                                           Thema: Erfahrungsbericht aus der Praxis

    Im Anschluss bietet sich die Gelegenheit zur Diskussion der Thematik und zum „Netzwerken“ unter Gleichgesinnten bei Getränken und Snacks. 

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    Donnerstag, 13. November 2014  

    16:00 Uhr Registrierung 
    16:30 bis 18:30 Uhr Programm 
    18:30 bis 19:30 Uhr Networking Empfang mit Getränken und Snacks 


    Ernst & Young Arnulfstraße 59 80636 München

    *Please note that the session will be in German only!

    • 27 Nov 2014
    • 2:30 PM - 7:00 PM (UTC+01:00)
    • International SOS office ‘Say Buildings’, 3rd Floor, John M. Keynesplein 3 1066 EP Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    Netherlands Chapter

    Duty of Care - are you doing enough?

    Hosted by: 

    International SOS

    Run by:

    Hillbrook Expatriate Tax Solutions.


    We are happy to invite you to join us for our 16th FEM Netherlands Chapter event on November 27, 2014 which will be hosted by International SOS in Amsterdam and as always run by Hillbrook Expatriate Tax Solutions. International SOS has just been announced as the winner for the APAC Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards (EMMAs) for the category ‘Best practice in challenging locations’, see 

    The topic of this event is Duty of Care. The current Ebola crisis raging in West Africa and now with transmission to Spain and the United States, triggers international companies to think about the health and safety risks of their employees who are traveling and working abroad. Are we capable to quickly and effectively respond to public health threats or natural disasters, do we have a clear policy that governs our employees that travel and work abroad? In other words: are we meeting our Duty of Care (DoC) obligations?


    Alan Flanagan – AVP, Global Mobility, Cognizant Technology Solutions

    Laurent Taymans – Regional Medical Director, International SOS

    Other presenters will be confirmed.


    • 14.30 – 15.00 Arrival, registration, meet and greet

    • 15.00 – 17.30 Program

    - Duty of Care: legal perspective and framework
    - The impact of outbreaks such as Ebola on organisations’ business and their people
    - Duty of Care: client perspective (best practices, learnings, main issues) 
    - Panel Discussion led by Carel Storm van ‘s Gravesande

    • 17.30 – 19.00 Drinks & networking


    November 27, 2014


    International SOS office

    ‘Say Buildings’, 3rd Floor, John M. Keynesplein 3 1066 EP Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    Parking is available free of charge at the Artemis Hotel (you will be provided with a free parking ticket at the end of the session).

    After this FEM Event you will have a clear understanding of what Duty of Care means for your organization, both from a legal and a practical perspective, as well as an insight in the impact of outbreaks such as Ebola on employees and operations abroad.

    Looking forward seeing you November 27 in Amsterdam.


    In-house HR Professionals can attend for free.

    Suppliers need to be a Supplier Member or above. The cost per attendee is €120 (+VAT).

    For more information please contact the Chapter Lead, Henk Amorison, at

    There is no charge for Corporate HR professionals to attend Chapter meetings provided they are members and there is no charge for membership (follow this link to join the FEM if you are not already a member and please encourage your colleagues to do so as well).

    Service providers who are paid members of the FEM can attend for €120. FEM membership costs just £350 annually for each Chapter location.

    If you need assistance in registering please contact Ben Tibber, via .

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